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postheadericon Foreclosure Defense and Alternatives

Defending Foreclosure

Don’t spend night after night wondering if there is anything that can be done to avoid a judgment of foreclosure.  Get informed.  Contact The Law Office of Richard J. Grabowski for answers to your questions today and take back your piece of mind.  Visit The Law Office of Richard J. Grabowski for a complimentary consultation and have your questions answered.  Assistance is available and is time sensitive!  Don’t assume that there is nothing that can be done, take action now!

Foreclosure Mediation

The State of Connecticut implemented its Foreclosure Mediation Program in 2008.  Soon thereafter many states followed suit adopting and implementing much of the structure of Connecticut’s revolutionary approach to foreclosure litigation.  The Mandatory Foreclosure Mediation Program in Connecticut provides a venue for lenders and homeowners to come together and explore a possible resolution to the situation which avoids the necessity of foreclosure.  Since the inception of Connecticut’s Mediation Program Attorney Grabowski has represented clients in hundreds of mediation hearings.  Not only has Attorney Grabowski defended foreclosures he has also represented many lenders seeking foreclosure giving him a unique and diverse background in foreclosure defense tactics and strategy.

Foreclosure Alternatives

While facing foreclosure you have alternatives to consider.  Your possible options may vary depending on whether you desire to keep your home or whether you intend on relocating.  The Law Office of Richard J. Grabowski can assist you in exploring your potential alternatives to foreclosure in order to make an informed choice that is best for you and your family.

Depending on your situation there are options available, which may include:

  • Loan modification – negotiating alternative payment or structure to your loan which are economically feasible for you and your lender;
  • Short sale - a sale of your home in which your lender agrees to allow your home to be sold for less than the amount that you currently owe;
  • Deed in lieu - a transfer of ownership in your property from you to your lender which lessens the impact that a judgment of foreclosure would have on your credit and save you and your lender the necessity of foreclosure litigation.

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